Parenting Coordinator

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

By definition, a Parenting Coordinator is a qualified, neutral person appointed by the court or agreed to by the parties, to facilitate the resolution of day to day parenting issues that frequently arise within the context of family life when parents are separated. The Parenting Coordinators goal is to aid parties in monitoring the existing parenting plan, reducing misunderstandings, clarifying priorities, exploring possibilities for compromise and developing methods of communication that promote collaboration in parenting.

What are the Qualifications of a Parenting Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator must be qualified as a family mediator pursuant to New Jersey Court Rule 1:40-12. A Parenting Coordinator must also possess a basic familiarity with child development, working with high conflict families, the impact of divorce on families and children, and the effects of long-term custody disputes on children.

How does Family Court GPS fulfill the designation as Parenting Coordinator?

Kimberly Johnston completed her Family Mediator training program and received counseling certification from Columbia University.  She has spent over two decades in the trenches with high conflict families, helping create parenting time and holiday schedules that work for all parties. She is INVOLVED. 


In her work as a court preparation Coach and Family Mediator, she has encouraged compromise and various forms of communication to aide families on their long road to acceptable Co-Parenting.


Her primary duty is to be impartial and works diligently to keep an open, transparent communication with all parties involved and advise them of any circumstances that may create the appearance of possible bias, prejudice or apparent conflicts of interest. Experienced with Family Therapists, DCPP and the court system, she has implemented many safeguards to keep all parties involved and respected throughout the entire process of separately and successfully compromising and communicating in the best interest of the child(ren).


Need some post-divorce support?

Want an impartial ear?  We can help you to negotiate minor changes to scheduled parenting time, work out conflicts and to help you to smoothly implement your parenting plan.