Our Mission

Our Story

Family Court GPS helps to educate, empower and support people who find themselves in a situation that involves the legal process. We help people strategically navigate through the court system, understand the process and effectively represent themselves or strongly align themselves with counsel to achieve the strongest outcome for their case.


The company was borne out of the founders’ own experience of being a victim of abuse, and how difficult it is to be a victim, a litigant and a single parent. Being homeless with three children, on food stamps and experiencing a plethora of psychological warfare along the way, she recognized the need for direction and support through every aspect of the process.


Family Court GPS wants to make sure no one has to go through the process alone, scared and helpless.

Founder & Director

Kimberly Johnston


Kimberly Johnston is the Founder and Director of Family Court GPS. She has over 20 years experience with various aspects of the court process. Kimberly helps people with legal coaching, court preparation and mediation.


Kimberly created Family Court GPS after realizing there was nowhere for people to get help while navigating the court process. First-hand experience let her truly understand the missing pieces while trying to find your way through the maze of confusion that surrounds the courts. Empathy and experience give her the necessary components to truly empower and educate her clients through the arduous journey.

Mediation Counseling – NJ Professional Mediation Association

Nutritional Counseling – Columbia University

Bachelor of Arts – English/Psychology – Montclair University

Navigating the Court System 

Conversations with Joan: Joan Hermann interviews Kimberly Johnston

Our Grand Opening

What we do & what we do NOT do

Family Court GPS is a unique company, founded on a unique concept... we do Legal Coaching, Court Preparation and Mediation. We are NOT Attorneys, we do NOT litigate nor do we represent any party in court. We are the Rosetta Stone of Legalese - we interpret terms, we organize thoughts, we edit narratives.

We offer NO legal advice.

There are many aspects to court that no one knows until one is involved in legal proceedings. There are resources you may not even know exist. There are organizations you may have never heard of, that you actually need.