What Makes us Different

Founded on Experience

Family Court GPS is not like any other agency or attorney out there. Family Court GPS was founded on experience. The Founder and Director, Kimberly Johnston, has divorce on her personal resume. She understands the emotional components that happen. She went through two divorces Pro Se much of the time, against some very adversarial litigation at times.


She is a mother of three, and at one time was homeless with three children. Understanding the fear and anxiety that goes along with precarious litigation is the backbone of the services rendered at Family Court GPS.


Twice Divorced

On October 10, 2019 – Kimberly Johnston – Owner and Director of Family Court GPS spoke in front of the Wyckoff-Midland Park Rotary in NJ at their breakfast meeting. During the event, unbeknownst to her, her presentation was video taped. Below is the uncut, completely organic video – and here is the transcript of the one question that she received the most feedback on after the event.


"Well – I got divorced twice, because once wasn’t enough, I wanted to make sure I got it right!


I was Pro Se both times, it was not fun, they were formidable opponents, and they both had attorneys. They fought a little dirty, so I learned A LOT!


Going through it – it was awful – the darkest days of my life, but going through it, I wouldn’t change a thing because I get to help people through those dark days now.


I get to be that hope, because... 

Guess what? I was homeless with 3 children and I get to tell my clients that...

Guess What? This is temporary – you are not going to live here- you’re going to get past this...


And when you do, make it what you are going to make it."

What We Do - A Conversation with FIRESIDE

Who We Are -  A Rotary Presentation

We've Got You Covered!

Kimberly is also a beacon of hope for clients. “This is temporary” is what you will hear from her and all the staff, who are empathetic, savvy and resourceful. There is no place like Family Court GPS, no place that empowers, respects and educates their clients quite like they do.


In addition, we have built a referral library of professionals that we share with our clients when they realize they are missing an important resource, or even before they realize it, we will fill in the blanks!