Miscellaneous Court Issues


Disability issues can be confusing. Filing for benefits, weeding through the procedures from your employer’s benefits whether through insurance, pension or workman’s compensation can be very hard to understand. Family Court GPS can act as a mediator and a guide to help you make sense of requests, ordered evaluations and any other requirements needed to proceed through the maze of doctors, evaluators and attorneys.

Name Change

Name changes can be requested for a variety of reasons, not just for marriage or divorce. There are many steps that need to be followed and timelines that need to be adhered to so the process can be completed successfully.  Let Family Court GPS guide you as you complete the paperwork thoroughly.  We can help you keep track of correspondence from the court, and stay on top of the tasks to follow so all is completed in a timely, organized manner.

Need to talk to someone?

Need to talk to someone? What comes first? Do I call the court? Am I allowed to respond to the papers I just received from the court? Is there a time limit? Who do I call ?