Divorce Mediation

What is it?

Divorce mediation is when a neutral third party is called in to meet with the two parties to come to a mutual and agreeable resolution of the issues pertaining to the pending divorce.


Many people can get through mediation in anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on the complexities at hand, the scheduling of sessions, and the ability to communicate and honestly present all documentation needed. Many times, mediation can end in a settlement of all of the issues in the divorce.


Family Court GPS works on all aspects, including the financials that come up involving anything from insurance to pension to education, and everything in between.

Divorce and your Financial Future

There are many questions that come up pertaining to money when separation or divorce is looming.

  • How am I going to survive day to day?

  • What is Spousal Support - formally referred to as Alimony - ?

  • Do we have to sell our property?

  • What is alimony?

  • Children and college – how is that going to be handled? What is fair?

Family Court GPS has educated Financial Professionals who can help you understand what your financial picture looks like now and the many options that may be available should a divorce happen.

Need to talk to someone?

Considering Mediation? Wondering how the mediation process works? How long does mediation take? How can we get started? Family Court GPS has Spanish and English Speaking Mediators. Schedule a half hour consultation at no cost to find out if Mediation is for you.